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Social Media

The presence of social media in the workplace has grown rapidly over the past few years as a result of faster internet speeds, increased use of smart phones / tablets, and greater internet access. Due in part to its spontaneity and accessibility, social media has blurred the line between private and professional lives, resulting in an increased risk for companies and their employees.

We have recognised the impact, and continuing growth, of social media and have established a team of expert lawyers with specialist knowledge and experience in this developing field.

Our expert Social Media Solicitors will help protect your company and employees from the increasing risk and impact of Social Media in the workplace. The team have published articles in leading Legal and HR publications on numerous social media matters.

Recent experience

  • Advising a FTSE 100 company on terminating the employment of an employee who used his Facebook account to demonstrate support for a member of the English Defence League who had been jailed for inciting racial hatred.
  • Advising a school in London on various social media issues when the husband of a teacher (who was a world famous boxer) began tweeting negative comments about the school.
  • Advising an airline on the use of social media to substantiate a high profile dismissal on the grounds of reputational damage.
  • Advising a charity on the dismissal of a senior director who posted cartoons on Facebook which impliedly criticised the Board of Trustees