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Depending on your circumstances, it is possible that your divorce could be dealt with in two or more countries. Often it is essential that you apply for divorce before your husband or wife in order to ensure that your divorce takes priority over a divorce in another country (or before your husband or wife issues divorce in England and Wales). Financial outcomes on divorce are very different around the world, and therefore one spouse can gain a financial advantage by issuing in a particular country first. If you are the financially weaker party, England is often viewed as making the most generous financial provision in the world. Our experienced international divorce solicitors provide advice and support through all aspects of divorce proceedings to find the best solution for our clients.


If you are a foreign national living in the UK or a UK national married to a foreign national, Brexit will affect how the English Courts and how the EU courts will deal with divorce, maintenance and children cases in the future. These rules change on 1 January 2021. It is essential that you take expert advice before the end of December 2020 if you are separating or separated from your spouse or partner as you may be disadvantaged if you do not act quickly.

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