theView - eighth edition

Welcome to the eighth edition of theView – a magazine brimming with topical content that has been written to inspire, engage and entertain.

Our latest issue contains a carefully curated selection of articles from Michelmores' legal experts, alongside thought-provoking interviews with three of our clients and friends.

You may wish to read theView from cover to cover, or dip in and out when it suits you. This online version of the magazine has been optimised with live links to help you to connect to the content and resources in an order of your choosing. Here are some tips on how to navigate with ease:

  • In Contents (page 4-5), click on a page number or image for a link to the relevant article.
  • At the bottom of each right-hand page, or at the end of the final article on page 44, click on 'theView' for a link back to the Contents pages.
  • Click on an email address to bring up a new message pre-populated with the relevant contact details.
  • The logo featured in each of our three guest interviews links to the relevant business's website.
  • Each URL/web address will take you to the corresponding website.

We are proud to have worked with a local printing company to produce a more sustainable publication. To find out more please visit page 45 of theView VIII.

We hope that you enjoy reading theView.

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Download PDF