Vivienne Williams
Posted on 6 Jul 2020

Agricultural Lore - Summer 2020

With the gradual loosening of lockdown across most of the country, I can now look back at the strangest 3 months of my professional experience. I feel fortunate to be part of the agriculture industry which has, in many parts, weathered the worst of the effects of the pandemic reasonably well...or perhaps it is just that farmers are so used to facing catastrophic events (weather, plummeting prices, changes in subsidies etc) that they have learned how to get through them.

Even with coronavirus raging, the Agriculture Bill has made its way through the Houses of Parliament, with arguments over animal welfare standards taking up much airtime. Attempting to satisfy that lobby, the Government has set up a separate Trade and Agriculture Commission to report on this issue. Although a step forward, the Commission report is only advisory, so it remains to be seen whether future trade deals reflect its recommendations.

Although the national media has been saturated with coronavirus, there have been other interesting legal developments over the past 3 months. So, once again this edition of Agricultural Lore focuses principally on those matters.

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