Vivienne Williams
Posted on 16 May 2018

Agricultural Lore - Spring Edition 2018

The Spring of 2018 has brought with it a flurry of agricultural cases and significant Court decisions, which are keeping our agricultural lawyers extremely busy. Amongst the most notable is the Auliffe case, in which Michelmores acted for the Claimants in persuading the Judge in the Exeter County Court that a notice to quit had been properly served on a tenant. We have also seen further progress in the doctrine of proprietary estoppel with another "cowshed Cinderella" inheriting her parent's farm, but for different reasons from the last one. In the context of agricultural subsidies, the decision affecting the Stody Estate in Norfolk has been quashed. Readers will recall this case about the penalties applied to the Estate's subsidies due to the conviction of a gamekeeper for killing wild birds on the Estate. We have also seen further development in the case-law relating to fracking. In this edition we reflect on these cases and consider the lessons we can draw from them.

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