Vivienne Williams
Posted on 4 Mar 2022

Agricultural Lore - Early Spring 2022 Edition

It is somewhat ironic that on the very day coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England, the Russian invasion of Ukraine drove cart and horses through any hopes we may have of a return to normal commercial life. Although worldwide, attention is rightly turned towards the human catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, we are also keeping an eye on the impact the situation is having on our Agriculture Industry. If you have any concerns for your business, please do get in touch with someone in our team.

Domestically however, there have been a number of positive steps over the last few months for the Agriculture sector. In this edition of Agricultural Lore we explore a wide range of recent legal developments affecting rural landowners and businesses, ranging from the new telecoms bill to liability for cow attacks, from sustainable development to protecting the family farm from separation of cohabitees and much more.