Grace Williams
Posted on 10 Dec 2014

Top tips on writing a winning Property Awards entry

Read the rules fully and choose your category carefully

It's not always the biggest, high-profile projects which take home the trophy.  The best submissions will carefully consider each of the eight categories, and then choose a project which hits a good selection of the entry criteria.  You can enter your project into more than one category, but do try to cover as many of the judging criteria as possible − and don't forget that the criteria will differ across each category!

Make sure your photographs really capture the project

Top photography can often make all the difference, catapulting an entry from 'good' to 'great', and really helping to capture the imagination of the judges.  

A good mix of internal and external shots will give a good overall idea of the project, and demonstrate its different aspects. 

Images of the shortlisted projects will be shared and promoted widely, which is a good opportunity to show off your project in its best light − so make sure your photography is high-quality. Full details of the image size and quality required can be found in the Rules and Categories guide

Think about the bigger picture

A winning submission will not only consider the building itself, but also clearly explain how the project as a whole has benefited the local community, economy or environment −as relevant the category you are entering.  When explaining how your project has made a difference to the bigger picture, be sure to include as many facts as possible – not vague statements. 

Bring your project to life

The Property Awards judges read through a large number of entries, so to help your submission really stand out, make sure it tells a story.  Bring your project to life by clearly illustrating the context of the building and its reason for being.  For example, you might want to add in relevant quotes and perhaps even feedback from the end-user, where appropriate. 

Another tip is to look at last year's winners − what did they do to make themselves stand out?  You can see details of some of last year's winning projects here.  

Start preparing your entry sooner rather than later

Putting a winning entry together takes time and effort, so don't leave it until the last minute. Many projects involve a number of different parties and it can be really valuable to include their wider input − however, it often takes time to gather this information.  So get started as soon as possible.  

And finally, be sure to ask someone to proofread your submission to pick out any typos, and double check the word count is in order. 

Best of luck in this year's Michelmores Property Awards.  If you have any queries regarding your entry, please email me at