Mitigating nutrient neutrality risks on new and done deals | Real Estate Webinar

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This knowledge sharing webinar, aimed at property developers and those in the property development sector, discussed the technical issues with Phosphate and Nitrate neutrality in strategic land contracts, issues arising when preparing new promotion and option agreements, futureproofing agreements that are in danger of losing their ability to either gain or implement planning permission, the impact of updates to the Environment Bill, development values and the necessity for developers to forge long-term relationships with landowners for the term of the lengthy commitments involved.

Please note: This webinar is for information only. Any comments that our lawyers made during the webinar are just that and, without full context of the matter or issues at hand, do not constitute legal advice.

Contacting our speakers

As this is a developing topic, please feel free to contact our speakers with any more questions as the situation unfolds. Their details can be found below.