Millennials, money & myths: Finance & investing

There are perceptions held of each generation, and the millennial generation is no different. Their lifestyles, outlooks, social and financial intentions, and attitudes to the modern world are often represented stereotypically in the media and common culture. 

In association with research consultancy ComRes, we interviewed 500 affluent millennials about their approach and attitudes to their money, investing, work, and lifestyle, as well as their future intentions.

Our research reveals trends that counter the age group's representation, busting a number of commonly held myths around attitudes towards technology, investing, ethical imperatives and more.

At Michelmores, increasing our understanding of the millennial generation beyond stereotypes is key to enable us to recognise our current and future clients’ priorities, and to offer them seamless legal support on their personal and business ventures alike. 

Finance & Investing

Our research revealed four common themes which will be released throughout the next six months.

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Technology & investment


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