Michelmores widens access to legal work experience through Pathways to Law and PRIME

Michelmores has joined Pathways to Law and PRIME, to widen access to the legal profession as part of its Diversity and Inclusivity strategy.

In February 2016 Michelmores, welcomed four students for a week of work experience as part of the Pathways to Law work experience programme − a national initiative run by the Sutton Trust in association with The University of Exeter. The programme seeks to widen access to the legal profession by providing opportunities to school students from non-privileged backgrounds who are interested in law.

In addition, Michelmores has this year become a member of PRIME − an alliance of law firms and legal departments across the UK who have made a commitment to broaden access to the legal profession, providing fair and equal access to quality work experience placements. PRIME aims to open student's eyes to careers and futures they wouldn’t normally get the chance to enter.

PRIME has 89 members, offering more than 1,100 places on work experience schemes in the full range of careers available in the legal sector – from law and IT to marketing and HR.

As part of Michemores' PRIME commitment they pledge to continue to host Pathways to Law work experience programmes on an annual basis as well as establishing a number of new relationships with local schools to further broaden access to work experience placements. 

For more information please contact Becky Pike on becky.pike@michelmores.com or 01392 687763