The Building Safety Act 2022

The Building Safety Act received royal assent in April 2022 and is arguably the biggest piece of legislation to affect our sector in a decade. The purpose of the Act is to improve the construction and maintenance of high-risk residential dwellings and other high occupation buildings in the UK.

The Act itself is set out in six parts with seven schedules – but in fact a lot of the detail around some of the key concepts has yet to be published in secondary legislation. This leaves a lot of buzz phrases which have grabbed headlines as the government has sought to bring about reform to prevent disasters such as the Grenfell tragedy from reoccurring. What matters to those affected by the Act is the detail. 

This webinar explains what you need to know, and when you can expect to find out the crucial details, about subjects under the Act such as:

  • Who are "Accountable Persons" and "Duty Holders"?  What is the difference?
  • What is a High Risk Building, caught by the Act?
  • The new Building Safety Regulator – who are they, what will they do, what are their powers?
  • What new rights does the Act give to leaseholders?
  • What new rights does the Act create against construction product manufacturers?
  • The extension of limitation periods to 15 and/or 30 years
  • The new legal obligation to provide 15 year new homes warranties

Watch the webinar here

*Please note: This webinar is for information only.  Any comments that our lawyers or speakers make during the webinar are just that and, without full context of the matter or issues at hand, do not constitute legal or professional advice.

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