Why Michelmores - Legal Professionals

Here are some of the main reasons applicants put us at the top of their wish list of potential employers.

A challenge

Would you like the opportunity to show (and discover) what you’re really made of? Here, you can be doing complex, high-profile work for large companies and wealthy individuals. These include:

Art Council England

Met Office

Brittany Ferries

Ministry of Defence

Barratt Homes

Metropolitan Police





A chance to be yourself

This is somewhere that personalities are seen as important. We don’t regard unique traits as being off-brand. And we won’t try to sandpaper your uniqueness away in pursuit of uniformity.

Making a difference

You won’t be an insignificant circuit in the LawBot 3000®. Nor will it feel as though you should have the word “cog” in your job description. Because, at Michelmores, mattering matters.


We were founded when Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, The Marquess of Salisbury, was in the second of his three spells as prime minister. 120 years later, we became an LLP. And in the last decade alone, we’ve doubled our turnover. In short, when you come to Michelmores, you’ll be joining a well-established and successful law firm.

The proof of the pudding

Our aim has always been to produce great work for our clients within a happy and supportive working environment. Here are some objective signs that we’re getting it right.

Long-lasting client relationships

Many of our clients have been with us for years. This has come about not through the implementation of a cunning plan called Project Longevity, but by providing a consistently outstanding service. It’s as simple as that.

Awards and recognition

It’s great to see our hard work independently acknowledged. For three years running, we’ve been featured in The Times Best Law Firms list.

We’re also ranked as a top ten UK firm for client service.