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The people already here make the ones who join even better.

No man is an island. And no lawyer is a law firm. It wasn’t a heroic solo effort from one of our people that made us a Top 100 law firm. It’s been a collective effort: we’re bristling with some of the country’s best qualified and most experienced lawyers. Chambers ranked no fewer than 37 of our lawyers and partners as leaders in their field.

Talent operating within a team

The collaborative and communicative spirit at Michelmores means our talent pool is even greater than the sum of its parts. Here you’ll get to stretch yourself on challenging work. And when you do, there will be colleagues around to provide plenty of support. So you’ll get to enjoy independence without feeling isolated.

It’s also what brings national and international clients to us. As is our eagerness to tackle issues from their perspective.

Growing in the job

As a recruit, you’ll receive help not only to do your job, but also in achieving your ambitions. This help comes in different forms. There might be a structured training programme, one-to-one mentoring or training on the job: where you’ll learn directly from those with expertise.