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Legal Apprenticeships

You learn as you earn.

The advantages of being an apprentice.

An apprenticeship at Michelmores is an exceptional opportunity. Not only will you receive a competitive salary and benefits package while working here, but you’ll also get to study at the same time.

The structured development plan comes with tutorial support and study materials. So with every passing week, your skills will develop and you’ll be furthering your career.

How much studying is involved in an apprenticeship?

The amount of studying required varies from apprenticeship to apprenticeship. But, as a rough guide, our legal apprentices study course materials for around half a day a week. Those who prefer to study on-site can do so in dedicated quiet spaces.

The minimum academic requirement for each apprenticeship will be listed in the details for that particular vacancy.

After the apprenticeship

When fixed-term apprenticeships come to an end, we help apprentices to find another role here. Most stay with us; with many going on to study with a higher-level apprenticeship.

We don't have a set time of year for recruiting new apprentices. Vacancies can arise at any time. So keep an eye on the postings on this website. Better still, register here for our job alerts.