About us

Yes, we’re a law firm. But beyond the glass doors, qualifications and awards are people like you.

Have a look around and you’ll find that we can advise on a broad range of legal matters. Get to know us and you’ll find that we’re more than just problem solvers. We’re enthusiastic and fervent about what we do, who we work with and what we work on. The Michelmores approach is to look at the world through your eyes. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.

Putting ourselves in your shoes

Why are our key players all recognised authorities in their sectors? Simple. We encourage them to put themselves squarely in your shoes. To adopt your viewpoint. To get it. Whatever your 'it' happens to be. Understanding you, your needs, your perspective, comprehending and delving into every facet of the challenge you bring us. All in the service of providing a 'best in class' solution. Driven, curious, highly-talented professionals of pertinent expertise and experience, offering a wide range of services, to give you the very best legal advice.

Success as a team

With a total complement of over 400: Lawyers, professional advisers, paralegals and business services staff in London, Bristol and Exeter, we believe we've got one of the best legal teams in the country. But perhaps it's worth remembering, that as well as being Lawyers, we're also people. People who understand the commercial world in which you live, and the speed at which business operates. Been there, done that. And sometimes, we've even got the T-shirt. Which is what makes us especially qualified to put the right team together for you.

Forging opportunities

We have some of the best-connected Lawyers in the business. Bar none. Why, and how does that help you? Well, it means that aside from legal advice, we'll be thinking of all the angles, and coming up with other business connections for you to talk to. What's more, as one of the most active law firms in the country in social media, we're always on the case in terms of listening to what is going on, monitoring changes to legislation, breaking news relevant to your industry, and extending our network of influence and reputation to develop new relationships and insights on your behalf.


Michelmores has long been committed to sustainability and acting as a responsible business, in relation to our own activities and through the work we do to help our clients contribute to a more circular economy and fair society. Although we have, for many years, been taking positive steps to reduce our environmental footprint, deliver social value to the communities in which we operate and collaborate with like-minded clients, we are aware of how much more there is to do. We are, therefore, very proud to confirm that we have achieved our first year of Business Certification with Planet Mark. 
The Planet Mark Business Certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for all organisations acknowledging continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals. Business Certification is the first step on our net zero journey and moving forward we will be working towards some ambitious targets across both our carbon emissions and Social Value contributions. We aspire to achieve net zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions in 2030. 

Tim Richards, Managing Partner:
'Sustainability is something that really matters, to our people and to our clients and communities. We are really proud to have achieved Planet Mark Business certification, and this really is a recognition of our commitment, and the work we have been doing for a long time to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our impact on society.  
‘Like all businesses, we have seen major changes through the pandemic, and are keen to make sure that we take every possible opportunity to harness these changes in a positive way.  As a firm, we have seen the positive benefits of flexible working and continue to pursue ways of working that benefit our people and our clients, to deliver a fantastic service.  
‘Alongside our internal successes, we are also proud to be advising clients who are leading the way in responsible business and are helping them to shape a better world.'  

Achieving Planet Mark Business Certification recognises our commitment to continuous progress and following a robust three-step process: measuring our impact and reducing our carbon footprint by at least 2.5% annually; engaging everyone in the business; and communicating our progress. Planet Mark measures our Social Value across five categories: our people – including measures such as health and well-being initiatives; community and volunteering; donations; procurement; and environmental impacts.

Giving something back

In essence, this is our commitment to corporate social responsibility. CSR isn't just a 'tick box' exercise for us. It's opportunity to engage with our local communities; a framework for our environmental responsibilities; and one of the ways in which we help to foster a well-rounded and happy workforce.